Fantastic WORLD by Armando BERTOZZI

Another Italian reissue label enters the fray as Orbeatize makes a powerful first move by looking back to the 80s and the wild experimentation of jazz drummer Armando Bertozzi. Having already made a distinctive entrance with two previous albums, Bertozzi's final masterstroke was Fantastic World, a daring body of work originally released in 1985. Rich with African percussion and wayward synthesis, this is far from a traditional record, and its hefty second hand price tag makes it more than worthy of a reissue for a whole new crew of cats to turn on to.

What We Do

Orbeatize is able to manage every single phase related to record production


Solving problems, improving and making homogeneous your music through the specific use of compressors and equalizers, as well as through optimization of the volumes of the individual tracks, so as to obtain a coherent sound.


Enhancing the sound of old musical productions, particularly decayed by time, or of new productions.

Audio Restoration

Restoring your vinyl records or tapes to their original quality or even better.

Sound engineering

Professional engineers operating and maintaining sound recordings.


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Publish your own recordings

If you have a demo or if you want to publish your own recordings: feel free to contact us

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Orbeatize is a record label from Nardò (Lecce - Italy), created by Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta who also runs "Boxes of Toys" blog, focused on the reissue of weird recordings from the past ORB# catalogue serie and on the publishing of new artists BEAT# catalogue serie


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